Spring Update

Dear Friends, We thank God for your prayers and His faithfulness. We are continuing to see Him move in unexpected ways.
Our summer is almost full for teams and we are looking forward to it with excitement. We still have a week in June and one in August if you would like to bring a team to experience and learn urban ministry.
Our spring has been different this year but still very busy. We have been blessed to be allowed with our teams into the residential, rehab and detox area of the HIV/Aids facility where we minister. It has been a great opportunity for ministry to the clients there but an even greater one for our teams. They are truly getting an opportunity to love on “the least of these” and learning the heart of God. This month we lost a dear friend there who had touched our hearts and the hearts of many of the team members, Mr. Jackson. However, it is awesome to think of him released from the disease that controlled his body. Harve was privileged to have a part in his homegoing service.
At StreetLight we are growing in numbers and the youth are growing spiritually. Please pray for this because it is a constant battle. We have several boys that had quit coming and were arrested recently. The street has a hold that is hard to understand for us. Pray that God will break that hold and that His Word will be the “Word on the Street.” Friday night we had two boys accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Some of the boys are starting to attend church services on Sundays also. We have several more volunteers helping us out and are starting a special class for younger children.  A church from Ohio blessed us with 15 tickets to take teens to Acquire the Fire’s Battle Cry at the Izod Center in Jersey.  This was unlike anything they had ever experienced and had a positive impact on them.
Speaking of church services, Harve is still filling the pulpit at Pilgrim Church. It has been a wonderful opportunity to minister in the neighborhood in a different way. The congregation had dwindled to about 12-15 but slowly it is building back up. Easter Sunday we had 45 people there for service and fellowship afterwards. What a blessing!
The church board is still working with a developer to tear down the church and rebuild a church with condos above it. They are so far in debt they feel like this is the only way out. The church is a shambles and although we have worked to make it usable, there is a huge amount of work yet to be done. Pray that whatever happens, this building will be used to God’s glory and to serve the community. On a personal note, we had an opportunity to visit Rachel, Ronal and Axel in Honduras and had a great time. We are looking forward to a trip to Ohio in May to see the rest of the family. My father is still not up to par so we are praying for the next step in his care.
Kendra and Jose are still working with us with teams and at the church. Leo is getting married in May and moving to Ohio. Melinda and Erik had a beautiful little son this winter, Tita is still loving on the neighborhood. Harve has been working odd jobs and I have been babysitting for a 3-year-old- I call it ‘continuing my education.’ What an experience!
Please pray for finances for JUMP; our spring was slower than usual so we are tight financially. However, this gives us an chance once again to see God move in miraculous ways. May God bless you for your part in our ministry. Thank you for your prayers, your physical presence and work, your donations and most of all your love.


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