Let it Flow!

Yesterday our fifth team of spring break left, tired but smiling. This was made up of students from Cornell and UC Davis. Their dedication was incredible as they donned garbage bags, rubber boots and gloves and waded into what they named “the Darkness”. For those of you who know the situation at our new sight, they were able to clean out the last pit, and also unplug the pluggage. Everything is flowing fine and the basement of the church has been pressure washed.
We began our fifth week of spring teams today and also celebrated Harve’s 65th birthday. Blessings, to all as we begin this Holy Week.


Spring Break Trips Continue

The last three weeks have been an incredible blessing. We began our spring break Come2Go with a visit from First Wesleyan Church in South Carolina. (see previous update) followed by a team of 4 Yale students who devoted a day to cleaning trash from a pit around the church.

The weekend of March 12-14 were blessed by 30 missionaries from the St. Abraams Coptic Church in Long Island New York. The 30 high school and college students spent a weekend cleaning trash, painting, conducting a service at a nearby hospital, and fed at shelter. Their hard work and heart for Jesus is much appreciated.

This past week we hosted an InterVarsity NYCUP team with students from Cooper Union, North Carolina State, NYU, Mt. Holyoke, Columbia, Kansas, William Patterson and NJIT.  These nine students cleaned two pits, (there is like a space around the church that is 20 feet deep and six feet wide that people have filled with trash), cleaned sewage out of the church basement, painted, fed homeless and helped with a gala for an organization that works against human trafficking. The volunteers worked way beyond the call of duty dealing with unpleasant conditions.

These groups have been an incredible group of servants for Jesus. The neighborhood is getting excited as they see the activity. Please pray for God’s hand to be on us all for safety in the coming two weeks and for His will to be done with this building.

2010 Groups have begun!

We finished our first week with a team this year on March 6.  What a blessing!!  Ten young adults from First Wesleyan Church in South Carolina joined us for a week.  They worked in a soup kitchen, tutored kids and helped with homework, fed the homeless at a shelter, had a service at a juvenile detention center and put in hours of hard labor cleaning and painting our new facility.  The highlight was  a visit from Stumpy- the human puppet.  Thanks to all for you giving spirit.  May God bless you as you continue to serve Him.