JUMP Update

I am so excited to write this!! God is moving in incredible ways and we are trying hard to keep up with Him! JUMP is scheduled for 3 weeks this spring and from June 13- August 7 with only one week off! We have already had a team from Salisbury University in Maryland which was a great experience. This weekend a team was here from NYACK college and blessed us tremendously! We have a team of 34 coming all the way from California!!

Poetry Class StreetLight Game Time
StreetLight Christian Center is in full swing. When the Maryland team was here we had a cookout and fed 150-200 people, 60+ of which stayed for a worship service afterwards. Of course 11 of those were team and about 40 were under the age of 15, but it was awesome to see some adults participate and the kids actually sit still. That was the first “service” we have had. The neighbors are looking forward to more. God is sending helpers also. We are praying now for a worship team. Several have come already. Our English and Spanish classes each have 6 students and we are all learning and growing together. The weight lifting Bible study on Tuesdays has a regular attendance of about 25. Our GEMS ladies ministry just started a new round this Tuesday and we will have about 12 ladies and girls participating. We have been attending Promised Land Church- a wonderful blessing in our lives. It is a missional church in the Bronx truly reaching out to the community. PLC also has a service at a local HIV/AIDS facility which we attend and participate in. This has opened the door for us to take in teams to minister there. We will also be giving English and literacy classes there. This week were invited to a Bronx juvenile detention center to be regular chaplains there. There are 5 other centers and we will have access to all once our paperwork is through. We will also be allowed to take mature team members in for ministry time. It is sad but the chaplain who invited says that when he arrived on staff there were no bibles, no churches coming in for ministry and the children and teens were virtually ignored by the church. He spoke to a pastor of a church across the street from the facility and the pastor did not even know what the building was. Blessings, Robyn
 Pray that we will truly be a light in the street.
 Pray that we will be able to really get through to the kids for Jesus beyond just being a safe place
 Pray that God will equip and prepare us for the road ahead.
 Pray that I will be able to afford to spend more time with the ministry.
 Pray that God will open the doors for the for a summer program at StreetLight.
 Pray for Leo who is finishing in Honduras and still needs funding.


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